Rachel Allenby Owner-Trainer
4150 N. Hwy 183, Liberty Hill, TX 78642
Phone: 512-515-5567    Mobile: 512-466-0186   

Guiding Services

I have been guiding in Texas since 1996 on private ranches, leased land and preserves. Prior to that, I provided similar services in Scotland for 10 years.

I have well-trained Pointers to locate game, and Springer Spaniels to flush and retrieve birds. All my dogs work very effectively on either wild or released birds, whether they are quail, pheasant, chukar, dove, duck or geese. My Springers are excellent water dogs.

I have a trailer-rig that can carry my dogs and 4 guns with all their equipment.

I will travel any distance required. My dogs do not require kenneling at the location, however, I require a room with bathroom to be available for myself. I am afraid that I am not very good at camping.

The fees for my services on private or leased land anywhere in Texas are:
  •    $450 per day for myself, my dogs and my rig.
  •    A travel allowance of .45c per mile.
  •    A 50% deposit is required to confirm the booking.

I am the Hunt Guide at Cypress Valley Preserve, 36 miles north of Austin, however the club is now closed but I have permission to take clients upland bird hunting. .

I use very well trained pointers on Pheasant Chukar and Quail to find the birds, and then use Springer Spaniels to go in and flush and retrieve the birds.
It is very exciting to watch and hunt with a team of dogs working together. Not often seen in Texas.

Clients who want to bring and work their own dogs are welcome to do so as long as this has been arranged at time of booking.

Please call Rachel Allenby @ 512 515 5567 to schedule your hunt and equire about the pricing.

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